Education Materials     Lead in Mexican Candy


Help educate consumers, parents, teachers, school administrators, physicians and others about lead in certain candy made in Mexico.

These materials have been developed with the help of parents, health educators, community health workers and doctors.

All materials can be copied and reproduced.
Photographs may not be copied or used outside of these materials.

Download the Color Flyer about Lead in Mexican Candy

            English Flyer (updated 8.27.08) – PDF

            Spanish Flyer (will be up shortly) – PDF

Download Materials for Retailers

            English Fact Sheet for Retailers – Word Document

            Spanish  Fact Sheet for Retailers – Word Document

            Bilingual English\Spanish Window Sticker

Download the a Fact Sheet for Physicians and Health Care Providers

            Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers – Word Document

Download the Slide Presentation

            English (will be up shortly) - PowerPoint

            Spanish - (will be available shortly)

Download Press Materials

            Sample Press Release – Word Document

               Lead Poisoning Prevention - The Facts (for use with press release) - Word Document
            'Is your candy safe' Bilingual Label - PDF
          Sample Radio Public Service Announcements - English
Sample Radio Public Service Announcements - Spanish

            English Letterhead

            Spanish Letterhead


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